"Thank God for the Nectar!!! This is my "go to" product when I work with long hair that has a tendency to be tangled or unruly. It will be your savior when dealing with the worst tangled extension hair. I LOVE NECTAR OF THE GODS!!!"
   -Kevin Josephson at Kevin Josephson Salon Beverly Hills

"I used to dread washing my hair. Tangles for days!!!!!!  Then Carlo introduced me to
Nectar of the Gods.......Now, no tangles and my hair looks healthier than it ever has! Thanks Carlo!"
   -Rebecca Lynn Howard

Your hair product really did help the texture of my hair!...It improved it by volumes and the damage has seemingly been repaired already... after just a week of using it! Thanks for letting me try your new awesome product! It really works! :)"

   -Natalie Marie

"Every woman by law should have a bottle of Nectar of the Gods in the shower, and use it!"
   -Wolf at Jim Wayne Salon Beverly Hills

Nectar of the Gods
is the best detangler I have ever used. It makes any hair feel amazingly soft and silky without any buildup or heavy residue. I use it on every client and everytime I wash my hair!"
   -Riawna Capri at Ken Pave Salon Beverly Hills

"Hey Carlo I loooove your hair products!!!! It is the best conditioning treatment out there! I cant get enough!
lots o love!"

   -Rebecca Grant xoxoxoxo

"Hey Carlo! Your hair products went above and beyond my expectations. It is one of only select few hair care products that acutally work on my long tangelsom hair. Keep up the good work."
   -Deidra Whittaker

Nectar of the Gods is INCREDIBLE! Reconstructs the hair to it's natural way. It gives life to damage Hair."
   -Lili Sari at Udi Salon Beverly Hills

"I like the Nectar of the Gods scent, and the shine that it gives to the hair, the detangles side, plus it makes every hair feel amazing and light."
   -Beshara Haddad at Besha Beauty Design Beverly Hills

Nectar of the Gods is AMAZING. It makes my hair come to life. It's so much more manageable and full of body. It's heaven sent!"
   -Danielle Frost

"I love Nectar of the Gods! I have used both, leave-in conditioner, and a few sprays after blow-drying to seal in shine. It gives hair an instant boost."
   -Kara Maguire

Nectar of the Gods reconstructs hair and revitalizes the feeling and look of the hair, giving it an extra sheen and reflection. Highly recommended."
   -Yanira Contreras at Kevin Josephson Salon Beverly Hills

"A MUST!!! I would not think of doing a single blow-dry without Nectar of the Gods."
   -Jim Wayne at Jim Wayne Salon Beverly Hills