Nectar of the Gods Benefits

Deep treatment conditioner, color sealer, leave-in conditioner, serious detangler, and anti frizz, while preventing damage caused by heat styling.

Restores and nourishes dull and lifeless hair, also, hair damaged by coloring treatments and natural environment.

Adds body to fine hair when you use as conditioner, make sure to rinse.

Use as a protectant during blow drying and flat iron application. Gives natural shine (silicone free), no residue on the hair.

Serious detangler, seals hair color, seals split ends. Reduces drying and blow drying time.

What Makes Nectar of the Gods Special

Propylene Glycol - A mixture of propylene glycol esters of coconut fatty acids. Aids in removing unwanted "build - up" from hair.

SD 39 - A mixture of fatty alcohols derived from coconut oil consisting predominantly of cetyl and stearyl alcohols. Used as emollients, thickeners and emulsion stabilizers.

Cetrimonium Chloride - Quaternary conditioning agent, similar to cetrimonium bromide, but more suitable for water systems.

Laurylmyristil - It is the polyethylene glycol ether of Lauryl Alcohol, principal alcohol of coconut oil. It's modified to give it a "water loving" character. Used as an emollient and emulsifier.

Myristil - Derived from fatty acids, it has anti - static and moisturizing properties.

Linalool - Anti-static and hair conditioning agent.

Directions on how to use Nectar of the Gods:

Home Use:
To achieve the best results for your hair using Nectar of the Gods (NOTG). In the shower after shampooing and rinsing your hair, towel dry your hair. Then spray a good amount of NOTG all over hair, you can comb it through and leave it in for a while, while you soap your body, performing all your usual in the shower. Once your done showering rinse it out.

If you have thick coarse hair you can also spray some NOTG before you style your hair. Reason being it will help you detangle your hair and protect it from heating agents since NOTG is a thermal protector which activates with heat. You will see immediate results. Your hair will be left feeling silky and shiny.

On baby fine hair it is not recommended to be sprayed before you style your hair. The one application in the shower is enough. NOTG does not weigh down the hair, it will give thickness and volume to baby fine hair, leaving your hair feeling soft and silky.

Salon Use:
Salon use is very similar to home use. Make sure your hair is towel dried. Spray a generous amount and comb it trough. For best results go under the dryer for 10 min. This is especially great for hair that is dry, damaged and color treated hair. Then rinse out and style. Results are amazing. Your hair will have lots of volume and you will see the difference in the texture of you hair. It restores the elasticity to your hair leaving it feeling silky and shiny.

NOTG can also be use on hair extension, wigs and afro-American hair



Available sizes:
2 oz. and 5 oz.